Top Head Coach Salaries in NCAA Basketball

Ah, the sweet life of an NCAA Basketball coach. Not only are most of the coaches on this list heading towards “legend” status, they will do it while earning millions a hefty penny. Seriously, how great is the life of a college basketball coach? Get paid millions, become more popular and hold more power than the president of the university, have your own police force (for proof of this please see “Nick Saban”), and you get to work with players who actually want to play hard and learn the game instead of those NBA guys. Some college coaches actually get paid more than NBA coaches, and it certainly makes sense why guys like Coach K and Calipari want nothing to do with the Sacramento (maybe Seattle?) Kings or the Charlotte Bobcats. Sure they have no problem sending their players there, but the coaches themselves are much more comfortable playing a 30 game season + the excitement of the March Madness tourney, instead of an 82 game year with a drawn out playoff system.

Here is the list of the top 10 paid college basketball coaches from last year:

1. John Calipari, University of Kentucky

Annual salary: $4 million

2. Tom Izzo, Michigan State University
Annual salary: $3.5 million

3. Billy Donovan, University of Florida
Annual salary: $3.5 million

4. Bill Self, University of Kansas
Annual salary: $3 million

5. Rick Pitino, University of Louisville
Annual salary: $2.5 million

6. Thad Matta, Ohio State University
Annual salary: $2.5 million

7. Rick Barnes, University of Texas
Annual salary: $2.4 million

8. Mike  Krzyzewski, Duke University
Annual salary: $2.4 million

9. Jim Calhoun, University of Connecticut
Annual salary: $2.3 million

10. Sean Miller, University of Arizona
Annual salary: $2.3 million

Noticeably absent from the Top 10- Jim Boeheim; Frank Martin (though his new contract with the Gamecocks might bump him up into this list), Bob Huggins

What do these coaches have in common? WINS + LONGEVITY. Plus, they all churn out NBA all-stars. Coach K’s status is so high in America, that he got 14 of the NBA’s greatest stars to actually play together as a team and win a championship (D’Antoni and the 2012-2013 Lakers should be paying more attention).

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